Communications Potential secures consent for a unique self-storage building by the River Brent

6 July 2018

Communications Potential have been working with our client P. Goddard & Sons, a local family business with a long history in Brentford, to assess potential new uses for some of their many sites in the area. This success represents the first step in unlocking future sites for development.

The site sits next to the River Brent, in an area rich in industrial heritage. It had been used by our client for a number of years as a storage yard for scrap and building supplies. With nearby Brentford Town Centre being a focus for considerable regeneration, it was recognised that the site presented an ideal location for a self-storage unit, providing small to medium size storage spaces that could cater the incoming community.

Our colleagues at Planning Potential and Juice Architects worked closely with Hounslow Council’s urban design and heritage officers to ensure the design of the building reflected the nearby historic canal-side warehouses, incorporating a screen influenced by traditional warehouse roof design. We also paid considerable attention to providing improved public space along the towpath, with new planting and a pocket park available for use by the whole community.

Communications Potential then carried out a full public consultation with a well-attended public exhibition. We were able to demonstrate our client’s commitment to improving their sites and their contribution to Brentford and received considerable levels of public support.

The application went in front of Hounslow Planning Committee with no registered objections and was passed by eight votes to two.

We’re looking forward to working with Goddards on further sites in Brentford and making a real contribution to the area’s regeneration.