Fairview New Homes, Cecil Road


Communications Potential implemented an extensive consultation programme to secure support for a residential development on Cecil Road in Enfield. The sensitive location of the site – in Enfield Town Conservation Area, on the edge of the Town Park and adjacent to Enfield Evangelical Free Church – meant that consultation and engagement was particularly important.

Fairview New Homes’ Cecil Road development comprised 46 flats, with associated parking, and provided a new eight-metre landscaped public entrance and footpath from Cecil Road into the Town Park.

Fairview are based in Enfield and, as a local employer and business, it was essential for them to listen to and understand the views of local residents. The design of the scheme was considered particularly important by local residents and interest groups and, as well as holding a public exhibition for local residents to consider the proposals, we also held a series of meetings with the Enfield Society and the Conservation Advisory Group.

Local consultees were encouraged to provide feedback in person at the public exhibition, or through a dedicated website, on the phone, by email, or by using a freepost address.

We were successful in our efforts to secure support for the scheme, which was approved at committee in March 2014.

Summary of achievements

  • Ensuring that Fairview’s residential development proposals were explained clearly and accurately
  • Successfully communicating the key benefits of the proposed development
  • Organisation of a member briefing and public exhibition to introduce the proposals
  • Ensuring that local residents feedback was addressed during the application process
  • Organising a series of meetings and discussions with the Enfield Society to secure their support for the scheme
  • Preparation of a Statement of Community Involvement to support the planning application
  • Helping to secure elected member support for the proposals
  • Preparation of briefing materials for members in advance of the committee meeting

People Involved