Redrow Homes

Mill Road, Hertford

Having obtained approval for a 107-unit residential scheme in Hertford, Redrow chose to submit a revised application seeking permission for 120 units. Communications Potential helped Redrow secure consent for the revised scheme, enabling them to make better use of an important brownfield site, adjacent to Hertford East station.

Redrow initially obtained planning consent to redevelop a site on Mill Road, Hertford in November 2014. Having started to implement the consented scheme, Redrow decided it would be possible to make more efficient use of the site and propose a number of improvements to the approved scheme.

A revised planning application was submitted and originally met with opposition from town councillors who accused Redrow of “planning by stealth”. The councillors pointed out that much consideration had been spent on the approved application and they were therefore unhappy to see the proposed changes.

We were appointed to help communicate the many benefits of the revised development proposals and justify the revised application. We engaged with councillors to explain how the revised application would enable Redrow to make a number of improvements to the approved scheme, including the addition of lifts to the three largest residential blocks to make them more accessible. The revised proposals sought to deliver another 13 homes (five of which would be affordable), whilst retaining the same design and layout of the consented scheme.

The revised application was approved at committee in June 2015. We were subsequently appointed to provide further communications support when Redrow sought permission to vary the approved plans a few months later.

Redrow needed to make minor amendments to the access arrangements and parking areas and we helped to communicate these changes, explain the reasons behind them and set out the benefits. Permission was granted at committee in March 2016.

Summary of achievements

  • Ensuring that Redrow’s proposals were explained clearly and accurately
  • Helping to justify various amendments to the consented scheme
  • Successfully communicating the key benefits of the proposed changes
  • Helping to secure elected member support for the proposals
  • Assisting in the preparation of compelling speeches for committee
  • Enabling Redrow to make efficient use of a site and obtain permission for a deliverable scheme


People Involved